Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should We Choose You?

Our experience; and dedication to the highest quality of customer service!

Planning an event, especially a wedding, can be time consuming and stressful. It takes a lot of vendors and schedules to make an event run smoothly, and coordinating them can be complicated.

What makes To Honor You… stand apart is that we offer planning/coordinating services, along with Design and Décor services; DJ and lighting services, and rentals, all in one place. Instead of having to hire different vendors for each of these services, you can rest easy knowing that several key components of your event will be taken care of by To Honor You… Not only that, but our certified wedding planner will create a detailed timeline to share with all your vendors, so all you have to worry about is having the event of your dreams.

What Types of Events Do You Provide Services For?

We provide a full array of Planning, DJ and Design services for the following types of events:

  • Wedding Ceremonies and Receptions
  • Vow Renewals
  • Anniversary Celebrations
  • Birthday Celebrations
  • and Other Special Events.

How Much Time Will You Dedicate to Our Wedding or Event?

To Honor You… is a concierge style business that strives to deliver excellent customer service and dedicated time to each of our valued clients. Because of this, we take on a limited amount of clients each year to ensure we can give personal attention to every one of our clients. The exact amount of time allotted for each event is determined by the package and any customizations that are chosen by the client.

What Is Your Pricing?

Our services are based on packages and customizations, meaning the final price is determined once the client has chosen all the details for their dream wedding; however, Planning and Coordination packages begin at $1650 while DJ and Lighting packages begin at $995. Services for ceremony only are available upon request.

Where Are You Located?

While we serve the Gulf coast area, our main office is located in Venice, Florida. Clients are welcome to meet with us there by appointment to go over packages in person, as well as look at color swatches or hear song selections for their special day. Clients can also peruse a wide array of décor and other items available to rent.

What Is the Difference Between a Wedding Planner and a Venue Coordinator?

Wedding Planners and Venue Coordinators are both particularly important pieces of your wedding day. While they may have different duties, experienced professionals will work together as a team to make your day what you envisioned! While Venue Coordinators are responsible for overseeing your event on behalf of the venue, a Wedding Planner is responsible for overseeing your entire experience. To Honor You… specializes in detailed timelines, that are distributed to all vendors, as well as the Venue Coordinator, to make sure each and every detail of your special day comes together and runs smoothly. Most events, especially weddings, involve the services of many different companies, but having a dedicated Wedding Planner to coordinate with you; the venue and each vendor, will ensure that all involved work together as a team to create an event as special as you imagined it.